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Violence Against Police Officers (VAPO)

Updated: May 25, 2023

EU.Pol’ s definition of Violence against a Police officer is Anyone who

1. acts violently against a police officer


2. threatens the be violent against a police officer,

when this police officer is

a. on-duty,

but also when this police officer is

b. off-duty while he/she is addressed and or recognized as a police officer.

This violence includes.

· Physical violence

· Verbal violence

· Doxing (exposing the personal data of a police officer via internet, social media)

Targeting those in society who have dedicated their lives to public service, is a heinous and deplorable act of violence”.

Violence against police officers is extensively increased in recent years due to the tensions in our societies and the decline of respect for government institutions. EU.Pol, as an European overarching trade Union, condemns all forms of violence against police officers and calls on EU institutions to take action on this topic.

EU.Pol fully supports any EU or national politician who announce a zero-tolerance policy for violence against police. We state that those who target police officers in the line of their duty, not only attack the individual, but are attacking our complete society and democracy.

We call on the EU MEP and National politicians to take action when police officers are victims of violence in the line of their duty or in situation related to their duty. EU.Pol believes that National governments and National police organisations should always take these assaults serious and take appropriate follow up measures. We want to minimize the negative impact on the affected police officers as much as possible and maximize the appropriate action against perpetrators. Because violence against police officers has a serious impact on the safety of our communities and our democratic values.

Therefore EU.Pol aims to make violence against police officers

1. A high priority in all European countries.

2. Aims for standardization off appropriate response and support for police officers by their national governments, regarding to these incidents.

3. Standardization of response and support based on European best practices.

To achieve this, EU.Pol participates with EU MEP, national politicians and stakeholder institutions, to enhance EU standardization of legislation and procedures on this topic. We strive for an EU framework for national governments and police (law enforcement) institutions in Europe.

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