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EU.Pol Academy is EU.Pol education Institute. The education is demand based and provided by webinars,  coaching and field visits.

Art. 3 Statutes

Safeguarding, developing and promotingprofessional and union related interests


•EU.Pol established EU.Pol-Academy organising educational meetings to develop, promote, share, enhance and secure professional knowledge, skills and vocational education (not limitative)

•Targetgroups are members / staff non-effective members / other police-unions

•Board member responsible assisted by (interested) members non-effective members 

•Yearly actionplan - approved by GA in autumn - for next year


  2022: Webinar Europe and Frontex (?)

  2023: Conference violence againstjournalists and police

•Ideas are welcome


The first ever EU.pol Academy training program has come to an end with a visit to Brussels. The training program consisted a series of webinars including education about European history, European Jurisprudence, European Institutions, Cepol, Eurojust, EU police Unions and also an talk with the director of Europol. The visit to Brussels included an visit to the EU parliament and an session of the Libe commission and talk with EU member of parliament (EMP), but also an visit to workers of the European commission and as an closing event an visit to the House of Europe.

All the contenders were very enthusiastic about the Academy training program. Not only about the whole program, but also that really learnt a lot about the European- jurisprudence, institutions and agencies. But also that they really could use the knowledge and new build relations too make their work more easier and better and saver. They also noticed that the meeting with the EMP’s helpt too address some worries en issues police officers in the whole of Europe has to cope with. Have you become enthusiastic about the training program after reading this article and would you like more information about this training program and wat you can do for EU.pol!? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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EUPol Academy: Winkelbeleid
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